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jade altar


High-grade altar installed


Product Description

First exhibition of the early spring buds, elaborate, taste fresh thick, the bottom Leveling, tea Xianrun colors, clean, free of impurities, elegant aroma, fresh taste heavy and mellow, mellow. Article prime tight show, lofty aroma, taste delicious, liquor color bright. Jade Tan scenery appearance of extravagance, simple and elegant; jade stones, gives a sense of pure stable, more elegant gorgeous. The tea is not only love Tao Yi, and is the best choice for hospitality gifts.


 jade altar | 400g/altar |

Tea Origin: Changsha County Jinjing

Ingredients: Fresh tea

Packing: altar installed 400g / altar

Brewing method: First Recommendation 90 degrees boiling boiling water

Storage: low temperature, moisture, moisture, anti-odor

Shelf life: 18 months







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