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In order to further build a strong brand Kanai tea industry, and promote common development of tea-culture tourism, 2014 annuity Well tea industry to actively explore new mode of operation, planning and construction of a set of "ecology, production, processing, tea tourism, tea culture," in one multifunction tea park. The total investment of 15 million yuan, was founded in Jinjing Town Jinlong Village, completed 3000 square meters Tea Culture Exhibition Center project. Relying on the beautiful natural environment, to grasp the needs of eco-tourism, to create tea culture Expo, ecological agriculture, tourism, leisure and tourism and other multi-functional characteristics of the park. The construction of the center's main achievement tea culture collection, study and exhibition. Divided by "the history of tea", "tea extraction", "tea thing", "tea", "Tea in", "margin of tea" and many other showrooms, kind and photographic exhibitions as the main form, and with a multi-media and other technology It means to state our long history of tea culture. Timely introduction of the "students' social practice Tea Culture Package" activities, including the organization: tour to explain, to watch the tea ceremony, tea culture, knowledge quizzes with prizes, to guess the mystery tea, tea sightseeing varieties, hand-picked tea, watch the scene speculation tea tasting a variety of activities tea, tea competitions of our ancient tea culture spread promotion.

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