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• In 1984 agriculture and fisheries quality products Award
• Silver State Economic Commission in 1985
• Food Expo 1988 China's first gold medal
• In 1995 the Ministry of Agriculture of China's township enterprises brand products Award
• 1995 National designated tourist goods production enterprises
• 1999 green logo certification
• 2000 identified as "high-quality brand in Hunan Province tea export base"
• In 2000 through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification
• 2001 Hunan consumers of green food
• 2002 products have been assessed to brand-name products in Hunan
• In 2002 the first of township enterprises in Hunan Province technology products Exposition gold medal
• 2002 China Hunan fourth (International) Agricultural Fair Gold Medal
• 2002 by the Changsha Municipal People's Government of Changsha City of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises
• 2003 was awarded 5 million yuan in profits and taxes over the Changsha municipal government enterprises
• 2003 5th City Games archery competition committee People's Republic of China is the only designated drinking tea
• 2003 top ten agricultural products in regions with 10 million acres of agricultural standardized production advantages demonstrative enterprises.
• Hunan Province in 2004 as the industrialization of agriculture focused on leading enterprises
• 2004 China Hunan Xingsha (first) Gold Chawenhuajie
• 2005 was named the top ten brands of farm produce
• By 2006, food quality and safety of QS certification
• 2008 by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as "Famous Chinese Trademark"
• In 2010 the Ministry of Agriculture as "the Ministry of Agriculture standard tea garden"
• 2012 was named national demonstration bases for green food
• 2013 was "jinjing" brand products by 2013 Tippy Central China (Hunan) International Agricultural Fair "Gold Medal" products honorary title
• 2014 named the national advanced unit in science and benefit farmers Village
• 2015, the company won the "Hunan famous specialty" certification of goods
• 2015 the company named Changsha County intangible cultural heritage display base
• 2015 won the Changsha leisure agriculture "model farm" title
• 2015 as the development of modern agriculture annual "outstanding unit"
• 2016 elderly Shaxian Kanai green tea factory in Hunan Province demonstration bases

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