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Jinjing Hunan Tea Co., Ltd. is a tea growing, processing and marketing chain, science, industry and trade in one of the professional tea company. Its predecessor was the tea factory in Hunan, Changsha County, Jinjing, was founded in the 20th century, 60 years, private enterprises in the year 2000 restructuring, has become a provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, high-quality brands of tea export base in Hunan Province, China's tea industry, 100 strong enterprises, the top ten advantages of Hunan Province in 2004 included agricultural standardization demonstration enterprises. 2006 by the Changsha Municipal Government classified as "corporate profits and taxes 10 million yuan"
The company has a tea garden area of ​​4 hectares, breeding base of 150 acres of vegetative propagation of tea, plant 26,100 square meters, under the jurisdiction of five processing plants, 10 breakout, tea base 13 outreach, the processing capacity of 6,000 tons. Jinjing tea plantation in Hunan Province where tea production to quality control throughout the experimental base, located in Changsha County, "Barry Tea Gallery" center.
Main organic green tea, special tea, green tea and the famous tea deep processing products. Quality products and good reputation. "Jinjing card" is a registered trademark of Hunan Province, in 1999 through the green food certification in 2002 by Swiss IMO organic tea certification and ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification and QS certification, have the right to export. 2005 Annuity Well Tea is the provincial government classified as "Top Ten Brand Agricultural Products", "Hunan top ten tea", the former Vice Chairman Mao Zhiyong, inscribed "green gold tea Xiangpiao the world" to show appreciation. Assisting Mitsui E & F Corporation GDP70 project is my tea polyphenols as raw materials for the high refined catechins, polyphenols and then processing the original E's cancer drug agents in 2006 by the German pharmaceutical company Medigene and received U.S. FDA new drug license sales, our factory is the world's first, is currently the only company to provide tea for the pharmaceutical suppliers of raw materials.
In strong support of county government, investment and construction company is currently the only tea Exposition of Hunan, the core area, covering 100 acres, has completed the project and land acquisition, full construction, friends are welcome to invest in joint ventures in various ways . Companies adhering to the "cultural heritage, social returns, quality first, users first" business philosophy and dedication to the consumers at home and abroad service.
Address (Add): China's Hunan Province, Changsha County, Changsha Jinjing Town
Telephone (TEL): (86) 731-86202195
Fax (FAX): (86) 731-86204888
Zip Code (P.C).: 410144
General Web site: Golden Tea

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