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Gold Leaf Sheng Yu. Well water to brew tea.
According to legend, the Hongwu years, there Jiangxi Sohn, his family migration, came to Changsha, in the long visit at the junction of Fung Ping-shaped mountain settle down. Sun Daddy go out every morning and cattle, often found in the river are dressed in veil, dense misty, Ruoyouruowu, set eyes have a look. Purple was originally an. Rising from a clump of tea rooms. Wind around on it. Will work together with his son, planing to go to grass, removing thorns and carefully transplanted to the newly opened tea mountain soil. Oddly enough, it planted tea on the long. Look lovely fresh shoots, Daddy it off, but with the pick with the hair. And then to tea at the original length, careful observation, found a spring. Continuously emitting spray. Digging several feet, with a stone, opened and saw a golden duck float underwater. Group shiny. Call quack. Webbed bottom spring, endless surge. Golden Duck mortal gone, Quan, such as injection. Endless surprise and his son, has become far more amazing. Xiu a well deliberated for village consumption. Bluestone edge of the well embankment, rugged appearance, also the side of the monument erected. Engraved "Kanai" word.
With the drain of well water with the full drought. Flood is not without pollution cloud, clear the lesson, its flavor sweet. Well water for tea, fragrant aroma of tea in particular, slightly into gold. Kanai is the name of the beginning of the Golden Duck not surfaced, the "golden tea" in the name of it to spread.

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